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Health and Healing Sector promotes Meeting between Units

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The Health and Healing Sector of the Light Community of Figueira affiliated to Fraternidade - International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI), with the aim of unifying, strengthening, deepening and expanding services, promoted the “Meeting of the Healing Units”, from the 16th to 19th of February this year. The event was carried out with experiences and sharings among the Units.

All of the Light Communities and Light- Nuclei participate in the meeting through some of their collaborators, therapists and health professionals.  Those not able to be present, send videos sharing their local experiences. 
There were around 100 people gathering and expanding knowledge around the integrative practices and external therapies taught by Frei Ameino.

Among the therapeutic experiences presented by the groups were: immersion baths, poultices, compresses, sound therapies, enemas, colonic cleansing and foot baths. Beyond that, outdoor baths in the lake and with clay were also part of the meeting. The treatments work by providing a synthesis and balance in the use of natural medicine and allopathic medicine.

The Health and Healing Sector takes care of people and focuses on providing ideal conditions for the physical body to be in harmony.
It understands that a profound healing process must promote the transformation of the being in an integral way. According to the sector's coordinator, Madre María del Huerto, "Healing yourself requires courage to see the darkness that dwells within and humility to recognize the light that is also present, and in the face of this scenario, to be available to learn."

The collaborator of Light Nuclei Sagrado Céu, from Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil, Michela Henrica Van Doornik Christo, when asked about her participation, said: “the exchange of experiences of several groups opened perspectives and ideas to innovate and create forms of assistance. Much gratitude for these blessed moments.”

All those who feel an affinity with this selfless service can join the Health and Healing team. Just express your interest by email or make a voluntary contribution here.

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