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The Light Community of Figueira launches new website

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Bringing the impulse of the renewal of the logo, the Light Community of Figueira, associated with the Fraternidade- International Humanitarian Federation, launches an updated web portal today, December 24. Built by young volunteer collaborators and residents, the development of the new portal lasted a few months, where every detail was studied so that the space could reflect the life of the Light-Community. 

“Among the challenges in the construction of the Figueira site, one of them was studying and improving a lot, since most of the team has no training in the area of ​​site development. We built together, learning daily, according to what was necessary to organize and create” - reports Florencia, Communication Sector Coordinator.

The team that actively worked on the development of the portal was made up of collaborators with training in Journalism, Psychology, Biological Sciences and Architecture. This team was joined by a professional hired for programming, in addition to volunteer translators and proofreaders, making it possible for all the content to be presented in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Presenting a renewed visual identity, the visitor will find in the new portal information about life in the Light Community, areas of action in the environment and impulses for a fraternal life, in union with nature.

“We seek to build a visual identity based on the new Figueira logo, without losing sight that the web page is a portal, so that anyone anywhere in the world may enter and feel part of it.” - says Karla, a volunteer who worked on the graphic and aesthetic part.

Mother María del Salvador, member of the Deliberative Council and general manager of the Light Community tells us "our hearts are full of joy to be able to reach everyone regardless of whether they can be here for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year or even if they can never be here, because what matters is that we will join forces to build a life of peace.”


The new portal is also dynamic, and has a space entitled "Life in Figueira", where news and invitations to events in the Community of Light,  will be disseminated, articles on sustainable agriculture, vegetarian food and much more for visitors of any anywhere in the world can connect with us.

"The update of the portal is the reflection of a broader movement for the development of the Light-Community, which has the challenge of continuing to support the widespread new principles of life in the midst of the transformations and instability of these times" - Helena, journalist editor of the portal, concludes.

In the coming months, the portal will continue to be updated, bringing news for visitors. Areas of the Light Community, service experiences in group life activities that pulsates within Figueira, which will soon be presented to the world.


Watch the website launch video

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