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The medicinal garden is back at Núcleo Corazón Sagrado

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After a long period of pause, the medicinal garden is being resumed in the Sacred Heart Nucleus thanks to the dedication of the Health and Care Sector and the collaborators of the Light-Community of Figueira, affiliated with the Fraternity - Humanitarian Federation (FFHI).

The integration of people, animals, plants and minerals in this same space is already providing great results.

The garden was created by Fray Ameino, so that the students could process the herbs used in the Health and Healing Sector.

However, this project was suspended, going through a cycle of renewal and transformation, while the Community of Light deepened in new techniques and methods in this sector.

In 2022, Núcleo Corazón Sagrado resumed its previous activities and the coordinator of the Sector, Madre María del Huerto, realized that it was time to reactivate the medicinal garden.

It started with the creation of a garden, realizing the great demand, the coordinator brought the impulse to retake the space of the garden itself.

Mother María del Huerto reveals that she never spoke directly with Fray Ameino about space, but, while she was in the Light Community Nueva Tierra, she had the opportunity to plant and process all of the medicinal plants, according to the Fray's studies. Then, she opens her heart to show us that the seed of this project was already there, since she left a beautiful garden of plants at the monasteries where she lived .

With the impulse of the return of the garden, Mother María del Huerto, began designing the project in geometric shapes and in mandalas. With the effort of all the collaborators who participated in daily group work, it was possible to materialize this project. According to the coordinator of the Núcleo Corazón Sagrado, Mother María Fidélia, “after several days with irrigation, and the beginning of the rains, the vegetable kingdom manifested itself”.

Today, the space is maintained by the collaborators of the Community and it is a project that is in its first stages, for this reason it needs more committed hands and those who have an affinity with this task, to give continuity to its implementation and maintenance. Mother María del Huerto emphasizes that this is a sacred space “It is a unique opportunity to be there, and the one who benefits the most is us.”

The producer of medicinal seedlings, Janette Aparecida Bolcato, participates in the group work and recounts: “Collaboration is mutual because nature is generous and abundant. We are learning with the plants, mainly the subtle part of the healing, of which we still know little."

The collaborator highlights that she feels completely comfortable with the plants, and envisions for this project a place where the person enters the garden and initiates their own healing, walking through the spaces and developing their ability to perceive the "call" of the medicine they need for themselves.

One of the goals of the medicinal garden is to have an experience to awaken internal listening. The project also has to provide and supply the demand for plants used in the treatments of the Health and Healing Sector.

There, people can walk, meditate, pray and practice  silence in front of medicinal plants, letting themselves be surprised by the diversity of life through aromas, colors, shapes, bees, butterflies and birds.

Samantha Mira is another collaborator and she relates the feeling that plants connect us with the present moment and make us feel welcomed. She perceives the energy of space, where "everything is alive and pulsating - nature shows us that and the plant kingdom gives itself totally for the uninterrupted healing towards the planet and all those who inhabit it."

There are already more than 30 different species of plants that were planted, such as: field arnica, various basils, aloe Vera, marigold, rue, pelargonium, different types of mint, balsam, and even edible roots used as vitamin complexes - beets, turnip, burdock and others.

The medicinal orchard also gained an extension with the planting of the forest, where more than sixty-six medicinal tree cuttings. And it will expand even more, with the creation of a lake.

With commitment, joy and dedication, this project grows and all interested people can be part of it.

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