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The Parque Tibetano School starts classes and launches fundraising campaign

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On the first day of February 2023, in a great circle of celebration and fraternity, classes began at Parque Tibetano School, a collaborative school in the city of Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, an initiative of Casa Luz da Colina, an association affiliated with Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF).

The school offers from pre-school education to the 9th grade of high school. With its own teaching methodology, grounded in a humanist pedagogy, it exercises an integral look at the anthropology of human development. Promoting a culture of peace and service to the common good, it is accessible to all, with no monthly fee. Thus, the school relies on spontaneous financial donations and the continuous collaboration of the families involved in order to sustain itself.

The deputy director, Luciana Guimarães, highlights the importance of each person's collaboration, "The challenges are present, but the union, the sincere will and the action towards the same purpose have been fundamental to keep alive in us the goal of promoting a humane education aimed at transforming reality. ”

On that day of welcome and reception, the school management presented and started the “Sowing Seeds” Program, a permanent fundraising campaign aimed at all those who identify with the school’s mission and who want to contribute and accompany the work throughout the year 2023. The Program works as follows: with each donation, the participant receives a digital stamp and, upon collecting 12 consecutive stamps, will be contemplated with a special gift prepared by the school.

The Program brings in its content the purpose and mission of The Parque Tibetano School: “We believe that today's children and young people are the seeds of a new conscience and will sow a more beautiful, peaceful and sustainable future. We want our school to be the best place to take care of these seeds.”

Each one of us can be soil, water, sun and nutrients for these seeds!

Those who feel this call, just get in touch through one of the channels of communication, sign your monthly financial contribution and join our group of sowers!


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