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Plantation Sector´s Joint Effort in Lands of the Sun: an experience of fraternity

Category: Sustainable Agriculture

‘’The joint efforts in Figueira are the basis of the group life,’’ explains Luciane, resident of the Light-Community. ‘’The joint effort makes us think about the importance we should give to the food we consume, and also the care for the kingdoms of nature’’, reflects Rodrigo, a young resident of the Light-Community who participates in the joint efforts.

The Plantations Sector's joint efforts at Light-Community Figueira, located in Minas Gerais, Brazil, are held once a week with residents of the Light-Community and collaborators.

On Sundays they take place in Lands of the Sun, the area that hosts the Plantation Sector. The activities carried out are: planting trees, vegetables and grains to supply the Light- Community and for donation to neighboring families, harvesting, management and pruning of trees and leaves, production of compost and preparation of seedlings for planting.

Maria do Carmo, organizer of the meetings and coordinator of the Land of the Sun, tells us:
‘’Joint efforts are sacred moments for people to come together to carry out a work for the common good. They are part of the rhythm of the Light-Community’’. She continues: ‘’What I feel is most important is this spirit of fraternity and unity that is generated when everyone works for the common good. The joy of work done in a group, where everyone collaborates in whatever way they can, also contributing their skills, or discovering others, is something very important that happens during the joint efforts’’.

The group meets at seven o'clock in the morning for breakfast in the field. Then, tasks are carried out in Agroforestry or in grain plantations. At the end of the morning the activity ends with a snack and a closing prayer.

There are tasks for children, young people, adults and the elderly.

Everyone is invited to participate without exceptions.

Contact us and participate!

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