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Practical Guide of Vegetable Seeds

Vladimir Moreira and Light-Community Figueira

A complete guide for farmers and rural extension workers.

A work that will help you produce vegetable seeds in an organized way,
safe, efficient and with excellent results.

Produção de sementes de hortaliças

Expand your knowledge about:
- Brazilian seed legislation
- Planning the production of vegetable seeds
- Planting of seed fields
- Artificial vernalization
- Cultural management and treatments
- Harvesting and processing vegetable seeds
- Seed storage
- Agroecological vegetable seed production system

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Meet the authors:

Vladimir Moreira

With dozens of scientific articles published in specialized agricultural magazines, his work stands out for the research and application of knowledge related to organic agriculture, highlighting the importance of valuing agroecological seeds and their particularities, encouraging responsible agriculture and in harmony with the kingdom of nature.

Vladimir Moreira

Luz Figueira Community

The Plantings and Seeds Sector's main proposal is to value seeds that have not been genetically modified in an artificial way; To this end, it is dedicated to developing ecologically correct practices for managing soil, plants, water and systems.

Thus, on a daily basis, we seek to recognize the gifts that exist in a small seed, donated in love for MOther Nature.

Comunidade-Luz Figueira

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