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Tibetano Park Garden begins activities in new headquarters

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On April 15th, Tibetano Park Garden began activities in its new headquarters, at 164, Dr. Veiga Lima St., in the city of Carmo da Cachoeira-MG. Early childhood education now operates in a physical environment separate from the Tibetano Park School, which continues to provide elementary education. The change took place due to the need to structurally adapt the garden to the new safety requirements of the Fire Department for the renewal of its operating permit.

With the necessary works for the renovation of the new headquarters being completed just on the eve of the school's inauguration, a great effort was required from all the volunteers who supported the project and dedicated themselves tirelessly, day and night, to prepare the new space to receive the children.

And the result seems to please the little ones. The many areas of the new school were quickly and excitedly explored by the children as soon as they arrived for their first day of school. Little by little, everyone found their favorite area  and settled in here and there. Although the change was made for technical and legal reasons, the result also ended up being beneficial for the students, who now have a much larger space. With three rooms available for children, the idea of the pedagogical staff  is to create themed areas, which would be used according to the proposed activity at each moment: playroom, library, break room, carpentry, crafts...

The school's pedagogical coordinator, Sister Inmaculada Concepción, nun of the Graça Misericórdia Order and educator for over 20 years, spoke a little about the school's pedagogical line: “We have adopted several pedagogical trends here, which are undergoing a synthesis within us. We bring project pedagogy, the methodology proposed by Montessori, we work with emergency pedagogy and nature pedagogy – as this connection between children and nature is a very necessary contact for us. Waldorf pedagogy also brings a line that interests us a lot, because it brings a synthesis of how to carry out work that considers the soul, this soul work is the fundamental basis of all our work (with children).”

The Garden currently serves eight children, aged 3 to 6, and there are two more on the waiting list for enrolment. The school is collaborative, that is, the work is mostly voluntary and there are no monthly fee charges, but families are asked to contribute in whatever way they can to its operation. “There are no monthly fee charges, but there is necessarily this exchange of human investment: with financial resources, or with recreational/pedagogical resources, or with help with cleaning, maintenance, or help with finding Sowers” – explains Sister Inmaculada.

Tibetano Park Garden, through the Launching Seeds program, seeks the support of all those who identify with the school's purpose of creating a special space for children, and who wish to contribute to the maintenance and expansion of its work. They are called Sowers. If you feel the urge to contribute financially to the school, you can do so through the link: Become a Sower.

If you would like more information about the work in the Garden or to contribute in other ways, contact us via telephone (also Telegram and Whatsapp) +55 35 99700 3049 and +55 35 99857 8776, or via email

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