The Light-Community of Figueira

The Light-Community of Figueira, Affiliate of Fraternity - International Humanitarian Federation, besides being a spiritual centre, is a school of life, where the practice of unselfish love and service to humanity and the kingdoms of nature is encouraged.

Founded in 1987, it is located in the rural area of Carmo da Cachoeira, south of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Figueira offers a supportive environment for people to grow inwardly and develop skills that help them to be agents of peace and the common good.


The Light-Community of Figueira was founded by the writer and spiritual philosopher José Trigueirinho Netto (1931-2018), born in São Paulo, Brazil.

Trigueirinho led the concretization of Figueira so that people could dedicate themselves to the deepening of spiritual life, the awakening of Christic love and to learning new patterns of conducting onself.

He assumed this task with the intent of collaborating, so that the seeds of a New Humanity could be sown, allowing one to live in harmony with all of Life, created by God.


Council of Permanent Guidance (Deliberative Council)

The Light-Community of Figueira develops its activities under the guidance and spiritual accompaniment of the Council of Permanent Guidance (Deliberative Council), currently composed of four consecrated members of the Grace Mercy Order.

Conselho de Guia Permanente (Conselho Deliberativo)

Council of Permanent Guidance (Deliberative Council)

Lecturer and author of books in which she reflects on the planetary situation, the role of humanity in this current moment on Planet Earth and the broad perspectives of human beings. She is founder of Association Mary and the Light-Community Fraternidad in Uruguay, as well as co-founder of the Grace Mercy Order.

Council of Permanent Guidance (Deliberative Council)

  • Mother Maria do Salvador do Sagrado Coração

She is the General Manager of the Light-Community of Figueira and of House Luz da Colina, of which she is also a founding member. Both institutions are located in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

In Figueira, she is leading a new cycle of revitalization and expansion, with the purpose of preparing the Light-Community to meet the needs of the times to come.

Madre Maria do Salvador do Sagrado Coração

Council of Permanent Guidance (Deliberative Council)

Immersed in the monastic life for more than 25 years, he has dedicated himself to the deepening of internal silence. He resided in the Light-Community of Figueira from 1989 until 2021 when he began a period of developing Humanitarian and Emergency Missions in Europe and Africa. He currently holds the position of general manager of the Fraternity - International Humanitarian Federation and the Fraternity - International Humanitarian Missions, accompanying the development of the 25 affiliated entities, including the Light-Communities.

Council of Permanent Guidance (Deliberative Council)

  • Friar Supremo do Rei Jesus

One of the pioneer members of the Light-Community of Figueira, he worked intensely during the years of its implantation. He is characterised by his lively and spontaneous instruction.

Currently, he is the educational counselor of the Tibetan Park School, in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, and coordinator of the Light-Community of the New Earth in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Frei Supremo do Rei Jesus

Meet the areas of the Light-Community Figueira

Ways of being in Figueira

Everyone is welcome in Figueira: seekers of truth and the common good; those who take their first steps on the inner path; families who seek a new life proposal; those who wish to deepen more and more in a life of cooperation and mutual collaboration.

Learn about the ways of being in Figueira:


Volunteers who participate in the Community experience and group life, and contribute by taking on tasks and some responsibilities.



These are people who, being part of a group united by affective and blood ties, live a period of time in Figueira, taking on tasks that allow them to experience the proposals of group and spiritual life.



These are people who have chosen to entirely dedicate their lives to the Light-Community, helping to build the foundations of fraternal group life, practicing selfless service and seeking the common good.



Essentially ecumenical, the Grace Mercy Order proposes a consecrated life based on living the monastic vows and Christic Love.