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XI Feast of Organic and Biodynamic Seeds of the South of Minas in the Light Community of Figueira: exchange of seeds and experiences

Category: Sustainable Agriculture

The Light Community of Figueira, in Minas Gerais-Brazil, hosted the XI edition of the Feast of Organic and Biodynamic Seeds in the South of Minas, a full day with a program of inspiring and instructive activities. The day began with a presentation by the choir of the Parque Tibetano School together with the Choir of the Light-Communities, bringing the joy of the germination of the seed to the audience present in the hall.

Fray Luciano, Director of the Fraternidade- International Humanitarian-Federation, gave a lecture after the presentation of the choir, versed in a new way of seeing our relationship with seeds. The instructor spoke about the importance of maintaining pure seed banks in conserving genetic matrices for the future of the planet. The opening was broadcast on Editora Irdin's youTube channel.

Following the morning schedule, twelve simultaneous workshops took place in several tents set up in the external area of Figueira 2, 

Between a puppet show and the making of seed balls, children also had a special participation throughout the day. There was also a workshop on the importance of Creole Seeds for Indigenous Peoples, and a visit to the Seed Field in Terras do Sol, where stages of agroforestry installations were observed. The morning ended with a vegetarian lunch offered by the collaborator Luciano, a head chef who came to the Light Community, Figueira, to cook for the event.

Lázara, a resident of Light Community of Figueira who participated in the organization of the event, reports: “It was a joy to host the Festival of Seeds for the second time (a meeting that took a few months of preparation), to see everything that was necessary.  How the community could receive it and how we could offer the facilities we have, so that each person who comes, each farmer, each participant, can express the best they have and receive what they need to receive here”.

Exchange Fair

The gratitude of sharing was the keynote of the afternoon, which gathered around 600 people in the main square of Carmo da Cachoeira, in the south of Minas Gerais — Brazil. Farmers, agronomists, students and people interested in the subject exchanged Creole seeds of various species, seedlings and handcrafted materials, as well as aromatic essences and ecological products.

Historically, food has migrated from nature to packaging, and society has somewhat lost connection with where its food comes from. So when we hold an event like this, an exchange fair, a seed party involving society, bringing this into a city, into a square, this is very important for people to realize the relevance that seeds have in the their day-to-day life, their importance for maintaining our lives and our unity with Nature,” reports Luís Carlos, professor of Agronomy at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology in the south of Minas Gerais, one of the organizers of the event.

Débora, who is a student of Environmental Engineering at the Instituto Federal del Sur de Minas, shared: “For me, having the opportunity to participate in an event like this is very enriching, because I have the opportunity to get out of my bubble, get to know realities different from ours, be aware of and do more for others, choose this type of energy, for students it is a unique opportunity”.

The event was sealed with a very special delivery of certificates to the rural producers who are guardians of Creole seeds, and valuing the work of the family farms that do not harm the environment.

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